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"... real peace of mind ... saves me hours every day ..."

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Simple configuration allows you to manage which web servers and systems need monitoring.
You specify how often they should be checked and our dedicated servers will then do the monitoring, freeing you to do what you want in the knowledge that someone is keeping a close eye on your website.

Features include the following: -

Server monitoring (Is your server up and running?
Select the method of monitoring - Ping, HTTP, POP3 or SMTP
Verify the content of a page (has your site been modified?)
Check Scripting engines (is the ASP/CGI gateway down?)
Ensure that an SMTP mail relay is live
Poll a POP3 Mail server (Are users receiving their e-mail?)
No software to install, No passwords compromised

Our simple and easy to use control panel enables you to control how your sites are being monitored using a web browser from anywhere.

You can now be notified immediately via any mobile phone capable of receiving SMS text messages almost anywhere in the world!.

Simply buy credits from your personal control panel. If your site becomes unavailable and you've turned on the SMS notifications, you will be sent a simple SMS message notifying you of which site(s) are down and the date and time that the monitor was unable to reach them.

Let us monitor your website 24x7
for less than $7.50 (US) / £4.50 (UK) per month!

Try our 30 day free trial - Available during November/December 2005!

The i-Eyes site monitoring service puts you in control of your servers.

How does it work? - We have several computers located throughout the world responsible for monitoring and verifying our clients websites and servers. All of these machines communicate with each other and take it in turn to perform these checks. If for any reason, one of our monitors fails then the others will automatically take on the responsibility so you can be assured that you will only be notified when there really is a problem.

How much does it cost? - For a single monthly payment of just £5 (or £45 annually) you will be given a unique user name and password which will provide access to your own control panel. You can then specify up to 3 server or website addresses and how often each is to be checked (anything between 10 minutes and 24 hours.)
Your control panel will also enable you to specify a mobile phone number and e-mail address by which you can be alerted if any of your sites are unavailable.

But what if the i-Eyes site monitor stops working? - We don't just operate a single monitor... we actually have several monitors strategically situated throughout the UK and US. These servers communicate with each other ensuring that at least one monitor will be available for checking your sites.

I have several sites that need monitoring? - No problem. We have a range of packages suitable for individuals, companies and entrepreneurs. See the table below.

Packages available

Package Name

Monthly fee

Annual fee

Free Trial
Up to 3 sites/web pages for 1 month
(Only available until end of December 2005)
$0.00 /
Up to 3 sites/web pages
$9 /
$90 /
Up to 20 sites/servers
$18.00 /
$180.00 /
Up to 50 sites/servers
$36 /
$360 /

*Please note that SMS notification is subject to an 0.25c / 15p charge per message, however this can be turned off using the control panel if not required.
E-mail notifications are free regardless of the number sent.
Prices are in $US, £UK prices are approximate and subject to current exchange rates.

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